Best Discord Music Bots That can Actually Lit Up Your Server

Discord bots come with some of the amazing features as it allows you to add additional services to your servers. Wondering how to add music to your discord server? Well, here is a simple method:

  • Create a new server by clicking on the plus icon in the left toolbar.
  • Click on the Create a server button in the pop up dialogue box.
  • You would be able to rename your server and select your region. Click on Create to finish the process.
  • Now that the server in intact, go to the bot’s download page and clickon the Add to Discord button.
  • Enter your credentials in the Discord login page and it will take you to a page where you will be able to add the bot to your server.
  • Select the server you want to add the bot to, from the drop-down list and then click on the Authorize button.
  • Complete the Captcha and the Discord bot will now be added to your server.

Best Discord Music Bots


Now have a look at some of the best Discord music bots:Discord Music Bots


It is one of the best famous music bots present in the market. It is not complex and does not require any kind of configuration. It is free of cost and commands are super easy to follow.


It is again one of the most popular music bots out there. It is fairly simple to use and does not require high end commands. However, it is not entirely free of cost and the essential features are too difficult to follow through.


This bot is just like any other music app that lets you play your music with the lyrics at the back. It offers commands that let you play high-quality music from various music servers.


This is another great bot where you can find different music from allthe world as it supports more than 15 different languages. It also helps you in finding those lyrics. The premium version of this bot has even better features like bass control, autoplay etc.


As the name suggests, this bot plays any specific song around the clock. Along with this, you will have access to radio stations and YouTube livestreams etc.


It is a powerful music bot which is easy to use as it allows you to create and use your custom prefix for commands. However, it sometimes fails to parse the YouTube links and starts the videos instead of just the audio.


It does everything that a discord bot ought to do i.e search for music, queue music, create auto-playlists etc. One thing that separates this bot from other discord bots is its ability to use audio filters to change the music output.


It is best known for its productivity, GIFs, and other fun features. When it comes to music, it has the ability to play extra HD, Hi-Fi music. If you are a music junkie, this is perfect bot for you.


This is much more than a music bot as it also supports games, utilities, image manipulations and more. If you are looking for something that is both gaming and music compatible, then this the bot for you.


It is an excellent music bot which is fairly simple to use as it does not have complicated commands.  Other features include 24/7 playback, volume boost, creating polls for voting music etc.

Discord Bots Server Owners Must Give a Try

Other Uses of Discord Bots

We all fool around, doodling, creating memes etc. Discord bots are mainly known for their productivity reasons. Other times, it can used for dumb stuff like:

  • Dank Memer: The commands with this bot ranges from image manipulation to making silly sound gags to creating memes. It is assured that these commands are both annoying and amusing.
  • MatBot: It is a mix of both useful and irreverent commands. MatBot is loaded with trivia and games. There are over 90 commands for fetching games like Overwatch, Hearthstone, Twitch status etc.
  • Gnar: Gnar has a lot of comics, toys, and serves as a well featured music bot.
  • Bonfire: It is designed to have a multitude of commands, tools for fun It includes hangman, tictactoe etc. Other than this, it also performs overwatch stats, moderating utilities etc.
  • Guilded Bot: It is best known for its gaming features. It supports-
  1. Fortnite scrims
  2. CS:GO team finder
  3. Black Ops 4 LFG
  4. Black Ops 4 Stats
  5. Black Ops 4 Discord Bot
  6. World of Warcraft Discord Bot
  7. Destiny 2 LFG

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