Create Discord Private Server without Passwords

Create Discord Private Server without Passwords : So, if you are looking for a tutorial that can explain you the method to set up the Discord Private server with ease then you have chosen the right destination to rely on. Here, you will find an extensive and easy guide that will tell you about the easiest ways to create Discord Private Server without Passwords. Make sure you have given the permission correctly before creating a server. After that, follow the below mentioned guide to create a Discord Server.

How to Setup a Private Discord Server?

Setting the private server will restrict the access to only a few specified members. This means that the server and channels could be accessed by only a few members that are specified by you only. It is best for setting up the servers for the guild where you do not want any outsider to view the content of your channels. Here is the tutorial on how to create Discord private server easily.

  1. You must disable all the permission for just everyone by clicking on the ‘Roles’ tab that you can find in the ‘Server Settings’ menu by selecting @everyone role and then unchecking all the permission boxes. You must not forget to scroll down and forget unchecking the permissions mentioned below the fold.Setting Discord Private Server without Passwords - Step 1
  2. Now, you must create a new user role by clicking on the ‘+’ and then typing ‘Guild Members’.Setting Discord Private Server without Passwords - Step 2
  3. After that, enable the permissions on the ‘Guild Members’ by choosing the role and then clicking on the permission check boxes that you wish to be activated for the role. You can see the image below to check how I have enabled the ability for the Guild Members for creating Instant Invite Link, reading and sending the text messages.Setting Discord Private Server without Passwords - Step 3
  4. Now, assign role ‘Guild Members’ to all the members who will have access to the server by clicking on ‘Members’ tab present in your ‘Server Settings’ menu and then adding role to appropriate member by simply clicking on the ‘+’ and then choosing ‘Guild Members’.Setting Discord Private Server without Passwords - Step 4

The Last Words

This is how one can create private server on Discord without passwords and give restricted access to the people. Assigning permission is one of the major tasks to do and you should only assign limited permissions to the members who will be accessing the Discord server created by you, otherwise, it may land you into trouble.

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