Top 7 Discord Bots, Every Server Owner Must Give a Try

Discord is one of the best means to communicate and to connect with different people coming from very diverse cultures and fields. It allows you to connect via call or text. This service involves various other servers which one can join in order to get in touch with different people. It also facilitates a service where one can create their own server and amend their preferences as per the requirements of their peers and acquaintances etc.

These are few of the trending Discord bots:



It is a multipurpose bot that allows you to perform a series of tasks and operations. It supports more than 13 languages and eases an anti raid protection that alters any kind of faulty behaviour and responds to it automatically.  There is also a separate option available for you to create webpages, analyse the statistics, set automatic responses and optimise the dashboard as per personal choices etc.

Carl Bot

This bot is one of the most simplified versions out there. It impedes the option to make commands in order to make changes in the server. It has over 250 reaction roles which helps you to just sit back and relax and let the automate bases of commands to manage the operations. It also offers features like welcome messages, logging various server operations etc.Discord Carl Bot

GAwesome Bot

It is another multipurpose bot that lets you do your own thing without having to leave the app! This means that you get to look up for things on Google, watch YouTube videos, access data files, all while being there on the app. Apart from this, you can take polls, make to-do lists, play games etc.


This is more of an entertainment oriented bot that lets you add music, memes to your server. You can do your basic searches, create polls and download music from Spotify and SoundCloud etc. Other than this, it acts as the other bots where you get to set automatic responses etc. However, if you are one of those music buffs, it is something to look out for!


It offers a dashboard which makes it easier to moderate and manage the server. It executes upto 15 automatic commands and creates self assignable roles and edit operations that are logged in. It also caters to the entertainment’s needs.

Discord Translator

This bot has over 100 languages thereby, connecting people from different parts of the world. It comes with automatic translations. This further implies that messages can be translated without having to use commands. Other than this, it also serves some basic functionalities to manage your server.


It is a calendar bot for scheduling your tasks and reminders. With this, you can respond to various RSPVs, create events etc. It further sets your timezones and allows users to convert events to their local times. With this app, you can have all your events and tasks to go!

Hope you these a try!

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