How to Add Bots to Discord Server: The Complete Tutorial

Add Bots to Discord Server: The hardcore gamers must have heard about one of the most popular and newly launched free chat service – Discord, which is specifically tailored for the hardcore gamers. It is really easy to use the app and the discord servers can also be managed in a trouble-free way. The app is really powerful in everything it does, but still, there is a good scope to add more features to it. You can customize the Discord server and add features according to your likings. For this purpose, it allows the users to add the bots to their servers. You can easily add bots to Discord servers and this is what you will learn in the guide mentioned below on how to add bots to Discord Server.

How to Add Bots on Discord Server – Complete Guide


The people who think that adding bots on a Discord server can be troublesome should, first of all, know that adding bots to Discord is far much easier. The first thing that needs to be done is login Discord account in the browser. But, before adding the bots to the servers, you must learn how to make Discord bot in the guide we have shared earlier. Here, we are assuming that you have already created the Discord bot(s) you want to add to the Discord servers.

You can even find the public bots on the unofficial Discord Bots websites and can even find a number of bots on the Carbonitex website. Search for the best one to add to the server. Once you have the bots ready to be added to the server then follow this guide to add bots to Discord servers.

  1. Go to the Discord official website and the login your account there. You should have the ‘Manage Server’ permission on the server in which you wish to add the bot.Adding Bots to Discord Server - Step 1
  2. Visit Carbonitex website and then click on the button saying ‘Add Bot to Server’, but if you are adding the bot from the Discord Bots Website then tap the button saying ‘Invite’.Adding Bots to Discord Server - Step 2
  3. You will now be taken to the authorization screen. Here, you have to click on the ‘Select a Server’ drop-down menu and then you need to select the server where the bot should be added.Adding Bots to Discord Server - Step 3
  4. Click on the button saying ‘Authorize’. Doing this will add the bot to the server and you can see it on the sidebar of your server.Adding Bots to Discord Server - Step 4

Adding Bots to GitHub Servers

The Discord bots are even hosted on the GitHub website. For installing those, go through the Wiki for GitHub projects to find the installation guide for adding bot. The method might differ if you try adding a bot to the GitHub servers. So, if you are adding bots on Discord server or Carbonitex website servers, follow the above procedure.

Is it Easy to Add Bots to a Discord Server?

We have clearly mentioned the complete tutorial to add bots to servers. Did you have any difficulty in adding the bots? Most of you will say no to the question. Adding Discord Bots to the server is not at all difficult. Make sure that you follow each and every step very carefully.

The Bottom Line

The addition of the bots to Discord servers is not at all difficult. You need to be careful while following the above-mentioned steps for the same. Any error in following the steps may lead you to difficult times. So, keep your eyes open while adding the bots. Hope you liked our guide to add bots to Discord servers.

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