How to Add Bots to Discord Server : Complete Tutorial & Guide

Every gamer who loves to play the games online should have heard about a free gaming chat service – Discord. This service is specially designed for gamers who love to chat while playing the game. The application is easy to use and manage. One can easily set up the discord server and add discord bots to it in a hassle-free manner. The discord server can be easily customized without any hassle. One can add discord bots to it to add extra features. SO, we have come up with a guide that will help you to add bots to Discord server easily.

Steps to Add Bots to Discord Server – Step-By-Step Tutorial

People thinking that adding the bots on Discord server is a complicated task should know that the process is easier than anything. For the same purpose, you need to create Discord account and do Discord login to enter inside the account. Before you add bots to Discord, it is mandatory to learn how to make Discord bot.


Here, we have assumed that you have already created a Discord bot and now you are here to learn the process of adding it to the Discord server. First of all, you should learn that there are public bots on few websites and some of the bots can also be found on Carbonitex website. You can choose them as well according to your requirements. Follow the below-mentioned guide on how to add bots on Discord server after making a bot.

  • You must have ‘Manage Server’ permission on Discord server to which you want to add your bot.

Adding Bots to Discord Server - Step 1

  • Go to the Carbonitex site and click on the button which says ‘Add Bot to Server’. If you are adding the bot from your self-created discord bots or the bots available on Discord then hit the button saying ‘Invite’.

Adding Bots to Discord - Step 2

  • You will be directed to the authorization screen. Click on ‘Select a Server’ menu that will open a drop-down and then choose the server in which you want your bot to be added.

Adding Bots to Discord - Step 3

  • Hit the button which says ‘Authorize’. This will add the bot to the server and you can even view it on the sidebar of your server.

Adding Bots to Discord - Step 4

The Final Words

Adding bots to Discord servers is not at all a cumbersome process. You need to keep patience and follow the above-mentioned steps really carefully to complete this process without getting any error. So, keep your mind open and follow each and every step mentioned in this guide carefully to add bots to discord server without any trouble.

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