How to do text formatting in Discord?

Discord has a lightweight engine, Markdown, working on all the formatting. Markdown is markup language which is very simple to read and write. There is another feature present, Highlight.js which is used for code block highlighting.

Formatting text in Discord


  1. How to Bold Text: All you have to do is put two asterisks or stars in front of the text you want to write in bold. The asterisk is SHIFT + 8 on your keyboard. Example- **hello**
  2. How to Italicise text: For italics, you just have to put one asterisk instead of two in front of the text you want to be italicised.Discord Logo

Example- *hello*

  1. How to create Bold Italicised text: For this, instead of only one or two asterisks, it is three asterisks.

Example- ***hello***

  1. How to Underline text: We simply have to put two underscores for making the text underlined.

Example-  _hello_

  1. How to create Strikethrough text: We need to use the tilde (~) key.

Example-  ~~hello~~

Combining Text Formatting Options

  1. Underlined and Italicised Text: _*hello*_
  2. Underlined and Bold Text: _**hello**_
  3. Underlined, Italicised and Bold Text: _***hello***_

Advanced Text Formatting In Discord:

SINGLE LINE CODE BLOCKS: To create a single line code block, you need to use the tick or backtick (`) character. Example- `This is a single line code block`

MULTIPLE LINE CODE BLOCK: Instead of using one backtick character, you need to use three (“`) before and after your text.

Example- “`This is a multiple line code block“`

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How to colour text red in Discord?

With the help of  Diff syntax and dashes this can be done easily.

Example- “`diff

  • This is a red coloured text



How To Colour Text Orange in Discord?

With the help of CSS syntax and including brackets, it is achievable.

Example- “`CSS

[ This is an orange coloured text ]



How to colour text yellow in Discord?

With the help of Fix syntax, everything typed is in yellow by default.

Example- “`fix

This is a yellow coloured text —



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How to Colour Text Green in Discord?

With the help of Diff syntax and including a plus sign, it is achievable.

Example- “`CSS

+This is a green coloured text



How to Colour Text Blue in Discord?

With the help of INI syntax and including brackets, it is achievable.

Example- “`INI

[ This is a blue coloured text ]



Now you can easily format text in Discord, even in colour!

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