How to find the best servers on Discord: Complete Guide

Discord started out as a voice chat application program for gamers. However, it has since grown to become a popular location for hosting text-based forums as thoroughly. There are specific Discord servers for all varieties of interests, including games, movies, music, and more what interests you.

However, it’s not constantly easy to discover servers to join. If you’re new to Discord, you might be questioning where to commence. Here are all the best ways you can discover the best Discord servers that meet your interests.

  1. Open the Discord.
  2. Click the magnifying glass icon on the left.
  3. Enter the name of a game for which you desire to find a server.
  4. Discord will present the main servers dedicated to the game if they exist.

If you have connected your Discord account to different gaming services (Steam, Xbox Live, etc.); the quest will recommend game servers that you often play, but repeatedly, giving preference to the most popular titles and official servers.How to search for Discord Server

How to Find a Specific Server on Discord?


Below are some of the methods to find specific server on Discord without much hassle.

1. With invitation link

Discord’s search tool is failing to find unofficial servers or created by community members because they are not indexed by the platform. In these circumstances, the only official way to obtain a specific server is through the invitation link, implemented by some members.

With the invitation link in hand, do the following steps:

  1. Open the Discord and then click to the “+” button on the left side;
  2. Click the “Join a server” button;
  3. Enter the address of the invitation link, and then click to “Sign In”.

2. With external search engines

There are sites that serve as Discord server browsers. They allow you to explore and search for servers by name or theme and distribute them into several categories.

Discord me

The allows many different servers and separating them into categories, so it is significantly simpler to find the ones you want, according to their specific theme. You can discover channels about games and additionally other topics, such as adult content and policy (you can filter 18+ results, inclusive).


The Disboard has a search tool based on tags, distinctive from the You can locate servers by subject and if you are the administrator of a server, include your own in the site database so that it arrives in the results.

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3. Find Discord servers From Your Favourite Websites

Another option for discovering servers is to look up for servers run by your favorite websites or tech influencers.

For example, popular technology forum Linux Tech Tips possesses its own Discord Server with information concerning hardware, gaming, and more. Other sites have exclusive Discord servers for distinct groups of supporters, such as Patreon supporters.

Many Twitch streamers have their own Discord servers as well, which can be an enjoyable way to join other people who are into the same games as you. Have a look throughout sites you visit frequently to see if they mention a Discord server.

The Bottom Line

There are Discord servers out beyond for almost any interest you can think of, and you can use these techniques to find one that suits you.

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