How to Stream with Discord

For streaming live on Discord, Discord’s windows desktop is the only feasible system for going live.  But first your game should be recognised by the built in game detection system. Once it is recognised, the Go Live tab will appear on the bottom left of your screen.

How to Stream with Discord?

Now follow these steps for streaming live:Discord Bots

  • Open discord and enter the server name where you want to stream.
  • Let your game be detected and then press the Go Live button. A window will then pop up which will allow you to select a voice channel.
  • The PiP window (picture in picture) will appear so that you can check out how the game you are sharing, actually looks.
  • You can set the resolution of your stream as per your choice. All users can stream up to 720p/30fps.

Now you can invite your friends by sending them a link or by simply posting the link.

Go Live: Permissions

Server owners can decide who is allowed on the stream and who is not.

  • You can simply go to Settings à
  • Another option is to right click your voice channel and then select Edit Channel > Permissions.

Tips: Verify Discord Bots

Watching the Stream

In order to watch a stream, you simply have to look for the “badge” icon next to the “Go Live” option right beside your friend’s username. The badge lets you know if the user is currently streaming online.

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