Top 5* Most Popular Discord Bots Loved by the Players!!!

The person behind this revolutionary software (Discord) is Jason Citron who was also the founder of OpenFeint, a social gaming platform for mobile gamers (the services are now been shut down). Discord was launched in May, 2015 and gained popularity through LAN tournaments, eSports, and also through the Twitch TV streamers. The company received USD 20 million in funding and released the features like Discord Screen Share and Discord Video call which were a big release by its developers. The Discord Voice Chat feature was available since the launch of this application.

Discord Bots List: The Most 5 Popular Bots


There are a number of official and user-tailored bots available on different websites and also on the Discord website. It is up to you from where you find the best Discord bot list and which one you add to the server for your use.Best Discord Music Bots

1. Mee6

Mee6 Discord Bot is a powerful bot that lets your members gain the level ups and XPs when they get involved in the chats. You can even search your favorite mangas and animes on the web using this bot and can use a number of custom commands.

2. Dyno Bot

Dyno Bot Discord is a totally customizable bot that brings so many customization features to the Discord server including moderations, custom commands, role management, music, and much more that makes the server management easy.

3. Spotify Playlist Bot

Discord Music Bot Spotify lets you create the music playlist and listen to the songs while you are gaming or doing just anything else. It is one of the best Discord Music bots available.

4. Fredboat

Fredboat Discord is one of the best Discord bots music available in the bots library. It lets you play the music on the Discord server and the music can be played from a number of sites like SoundCloud, YouTube and many more.

5. Aethex

Discord Bot Aethex is a multipurpose bot that comes with features like utility, moderation, music, and many fun commands.

These are just a few popular bots that we have listed, but its library has thousands of great bots to try. Go for them as well. The people, looking for Discord bot that clears chat should know that to clear the chat, you can simply use the commands. Discord Bot clear chat is yet to be made by some great personality. You can find a number of Discord bots on this website.

The Bottom Line

Discord Bots are the ruling legends on the Discord servers that are optimizing the server performances and are helping the users to get better functionality. We have explained you the tutorial to make a Discord Bot and add bots to Discord servers. So, follow this guide carefully if you are doing the same things. In case of any trouble, you can leave the query in the comment box below.

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