How to Do Group Chats and Calls on Discord

People love to stay in touch. Whether that’s chatting to friends and family on video calls, messaging on WhatsApp or touching base while working remotely with Microsoft Teams or Slack. Gamers are no different. In the early days, gamers would get use of text chat services like X-Fire or VOIP servers like Mumble, TeamSpeak or Ventrilo. Things have come a long way since then though and both technology and demands have changed.

Now the latest and modern gamer needs something that can do it all and Discord is the free software that makes just that.  Discord lets friends chat with each other unless one-to-one or as a group through a server. You can use it to send direct messages to friends, have video calls with them, voice chat and screen share. Once you’re in a server, you can join a voice chat channel to get chatting to other gamers playing games.

Share Screen on Discord


One of the most compelling features of Discord is Screen Sharing, which was added in August 2017. The screen sharing characteristic enables its users on the Discord chat server to view and interact with your screen. Alongside the screen sharing, you can also conduct video calls, simultaneously, on the chat servers that is a great in-built feature of Discord. The users do not require to install extra software, a discord screen share extension or integrate a third-party application.

Screen Sharing & Video Camera Features: On Desktop

How to do group calls on Discord

If you are using Discord on PC, you can avail the following traits:

1. Share Sound:

The time when you are sharing your discord or computer screen on Discord Server, you can also opt-out of sound sharing. This feature helps a great deal when you’re in a public place, and you want to cut down on the background noise to avoid disturbance. You can opt-in or opt-out of sound sharing via toggling the sound icon between Off and On.

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2. Swap from Screen Share to Video:

An icon placed at the bottom of the video screen allows Discord users to swap from a screen share to only video calling, and vice versa.

At any time during the conversation, you can swap between the two. When interchanging your computer screen, you can opt for which monitor screen to share. You can also opt for sharing only an application window.

3. Video Marquee

Discord Users who request to see only a specific video and opt-out of observing others can make use of the Video Marquee highlight. For this, you’d need to click on the user’s avatar, which will obtain the video to pop-out with others.

Screen Sharing & Video Camera Features: On Smartphone

If you are using Discord on your smartphone android, you can avail the subsequent features.

Regrettably, the screen sharing feature is not accessible for Discord Smartphone users. So, you cannot avail of discord screen share for smartphones/mobile.

Toggle Mute:

Should you wish to tune-out of the background or encompassing noise, the Toggle Mute trait can be a saviour.

In the mobile version of Discord, a user when on a video call, can mute their phone’s mic to restrict the outgoing sound on a chat server.

Tune Camera:

While making a video call through Discord mobile app, you’ll tune your camera, start and stop it from working at any time.

Similarly, there’s also a choice to switch from front to back camera and the other way around.

Audio Output (only for iOS):

This is an incompatible feature for Discord’s iPhone application. Audio Output is found on the top-right corner, next to the Switch Camera icon.

Using this, you’ll swap the audio output between your wireless headset or iPhone’s default speaker.

Step-by-Step Guide for Video Calling with Some Hacks

In this section, you’ll see the varied ways to share your monitor with another discord user.

To begin video calling and screen sharing, install the Discord Application in your device, and configure video and audio hardware on Discord customer.

Camera Settings

  • Step 1: Find the ‘Setting’ icon at the lowest left side of your screen, and click on on, on the settings.
  • Step 2: To manage your Video and Voice chat settings, look for the ‘Voice and Video’ Option under the ‘App Settings’ category on the left-hand menu.
  • Step 3: does one need to wish to vary the video settings, scroll right down to find ‘Video Settings’ and choose ‘Video Camera Hardware’. you’ll also do a test video.

Connecting with Users

  • Step 4: On the top-left panel, discover Discord icon, and operate to ‘Homepage.’ Click on the ‘Friends’ icon to open the list of friends on your discord server.
  • Step 5: Hover over the user’s name and choose Video calling.
  • Step 6: Click on the Video icon to allow a video conference with the user.

Step-by-Step Guide for Discord Screen Sharing Including Some Hacks

For discord screen share within the server, you’d need to initiate a Video call using the steps defined above. Let’s proceed to Step 6 and see how you’ll enable screen sharing via Discord, and peek into your friend’s desktop.

  • Step 7: because the video calling is in process, look for a screen sharing icon present on the lowest of your screen. you’ll identify a screen-sharing icon that resembles a display screen with an arrow at the center.
  • Step 8: Just click on this icon to allow screen sharing of your PC and opt between sharing ‘Your Entire Screen’ or ‘Application Window.’
  • Step 9: you’ll further interchange share screen discord and video calling features by clicking on the same icon.
  • Step 10: to stop sharing the screen, you’ll hover back to the ‘screen share’ icon and choose ‘More Screen Share Options,’ and ‘Turn Off Screen Sharing.’

Wrap Up!

You did it! Now you’ll set about your business on your server, join other servers, and chat with friends and family. Don’t be afraid to go to the Discord help page for more information or browse their many, many articles on the varied ways you’ll use Discord to connect remotely to loved ones and friends.

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