Discord – A Beginner’s Guide: Using Discord to Full Potential

Discord is one of the easiest ways to communicate over voice, chat, video, hang out, text and stay connected with friends and communities. The discord servers are organized into topic-based channels where you can join forces, share, and just talk about your day without clogging up a group chat. It’s easy and simple.

How to use text and voice channels on Discord?


Text Channel:

  • Step 1: First, you must click on the “+” icon next to the “Text Channels.”
  • Step 2: Then type in the new channel name and choose the role that has a VIP pass and will only be able to access this channel.
  • Step 3: And finally, click create.
  • Step 4: Now the members with the “Leaders” role are the only people who have access to this channel!

Users who cannot access this channel will not see it on their channel list.

Voice Channel:

  • Step1: To add a role exclusive voice channel, then you must follow these same steps except to create a new voice channel instead of a text channel by clicking the “+” button next to “Voice channels.”
  • Step 2: Once you click the “+” button
  • Step 3: The same window will appear as above asking for the new channel name, as well as selecting which role(s) you’d like to give channel access too.

How to do voice chat on Discord?How to do Voice Chat on Discord

Step 1: Join a Voice Channel!

  • Click a voice channel in your server.

Step 2: Start talking!

  • You should see a green outline around your avatar when you speak.
  • If you want to adjust your voice settings, then click on the cog icon to open your User Settings.
  • On the desktop, you’ll find it in the lower-left corner of your server.
  • From the User Settings, head to Voice and Video settings to adjust your audio input, input sensitivity, and more else.

How to do video chat on Discord?

Step 1: Join a Voice Channel!

  • Click a voice channel in your server.

Step 2: Share your Video!

  • Press the Video button in the bottom left corner and your video will be added to the voice channel.
  • If you navigate away from the channel, then just click it again to bring up.
  • To change your input device, just click on the cog icon to open your User Settings.
  • On the desktop, you’ll find it in the lower-left corner of your server.
  • From the User Settings, head to Voice and Video settings and to update your video input device.

How to share your screen on Discord?

Step 1: Join a Voice Channel!

  • Click a voice channel in your server.

Step 2: Activate screen share

  • Press the Screen icon in the voice status panel near the bottom left corner and after that, a new window will pop out.

Step 3: Pick an application or to screen to share

  • Then select an individual application window to share or select an entire screen to share.

Step 4: Go Live!

  • Press the “Go Live” button at the bottom of your window when you are available to share your stream.

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How to join and watch a stream or screen share on Discord?

Playing video games doesn’t have to be a lonely experience, despite for single-player games.

Streaming your screen on Discord enables you to talk while you play and connect your audience in what you’re doing.

Step 1: Find a stream

  • Look for any people with the Live icon within just a voice channel

Step 2: Join the Stream

  • Click on the username of the broadcaster with the Live icon to automatically join the stream on Discord.

Once you have joined, you can change the size and location of your viewing window. You can also control the stream’s audio from the sound volume icon while hovering over the stream.

How to make emojis on Discord?

Step 1: Make sure you have the Manage Emoji permission in Discord

  • If you’re the server creator, then you have this automatically. If not, you can ask your server’s owner to grant it to you.

Step 2: Head to your Server Settings

  • On your Desktop, just click on your server name to open the dropdown menu, and then select Server Settings.
  • On your Mobile, swipe left to your channel view, and tap your server name, and then select Server Settings.

Step 3: Go to the Emoji tab and then Upload!

  • From the Server Settings, select the Emoji tab and from there you can upload any custom emoji that anyone on the server can use!

How to customize your profile image on Discord?

Your profile image is the public face that you set out to Discord communities. A strong image and username combination can say a lot about a person. Follow these steps to customize your profile image on Discord:

  • Step 1: Click the user settings button at the bottom left of the screen, beside your username.
  • Step 2: In the user settings page, click on the ‘edit’ button here where it displays your email.
  • Step 3: You can now click on the avatar to change it.
  • Step 4: You can crop and adjust the image size here and then click apply.
  • Step 5: Finally, click ‘save’.
  • Step 6: Your discord profile image has now been updated.

How to Bold, Italic, Spoiler Tag on Discord?

Want to inject some essence into your everyday text chat? You’re in luck! Discord manages Markdown, a simple plain text formatting system that’ll support you make your sentences stand out. Examine out these other Markdown tags accessible on the Discord platform to help you format your text:

  1. Italics: *phrase* or _phrase_
  2. Bold: **phrase**
  3. Bold Italics: ***phrase***
  4. Underline: _phrase_
  5. Underline Italics: _*phrase*_
  6. Underline Bold: _**phrase**_
  7. Underline Bold Italics: _***phrase***_
  8. Strikethrough: ~~phrase~~

Spoiler Tags

With spoiler tags, you can trace individual parts of messages or the complete message as a spoiler. The most straightforward way to mark your message as a Spoiler is by highlighting the text, click on the eye icon. This will mark that part of the message as a spoiler.

Also please note that the text marked as Spoiler within the code blocks will not be hidden if you think. Once you mark it as a spoiler, you will observe two bars in the front and back of the selected message. The spoiler text should look something like to this:

You can also manually tag spoilers by applying the Markdown syntax ||Insert spoilers here|| or typing /spoiler before your message.

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